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Meter Data Management

Siemens and OMNETRIC help to automate smart meter data management business processes

Meter Data Management

Siemens and OMNETRIC help to automate smart meter data management business processes

The challenge

Data is being collected from different meters in the field (elctricity, gas, water and heat), this data is then processed to develop the required billing services.

Manual meter data collection and billing services requires a high effort for field service personnel.

Additionally, challenges for the customer include issues in data quality and resulting errors in billing services.

Due to these points, the customer needs a solution that adopts more automation to prevent these challenges.


Our approach

The Siemens EnergyIP Meter Data Management (MDM) application automates smart meter data management business processes.

Its comprehensive set of tools enables the client to address traditional utility use cases, such as meter-to-cash billing data.

Also, the customer is able to leverage register, interval, and time-of-use IoT device data to support a variety of mission-critical enterprise applications.


The result

By choosing the MDM application and integrating EnergyIP for 3.1 million electric and gas meters, the customer reduced operational costs with improved quality of service. 

EnergyIP concurrently delivers key AMI business process automations including the provision of 15-minute interval data, Validation, Estimation, and Editing (VEE), exception processing, remote meter reads etc.

As a result, the client has reduced over one million truck rolls through automation since the inception of the project.


The client

American energy delivery company
The client is a domestic energy delivery company in the US that provides electric transmission and distribution, natural gas distribution and energy services operations. The customer has been a market leader in implementing an advanced metering system and an intelligent grid throughout its electric territory.


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