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Meet our experts

Meet some of the experts from across our network

Meet our experts

Meet some of the experts from across our network

Neil Walls

Smart Markets Lead—EMEA
'I look after OMNETRIC's Smart Markets business for Europe, Middle East and Africa. The Smart Markets team is dedicated to innovating data collection. Our aim is to bring complex systems together with complex local markets, and use our many years of industry and software expertise to create simplicity. With the focus mainly on Siemens’ smart grid integration platform, EnergyIP—we deliver cutting-edge products from Meter Data Management to Data Hubs, to Virtual Power Plants utilizing the world’s largest group of EnergyIP certified architects and engineers. Our projects range from a small collection of sensors to mass roll of metering across all different utility types.'

Anton Heher

Application Delivery Lead—EMEA
'I lead our Application Development business for EMEA, with near-shore and off-shore development centers. We're agile, fast-paced virtual teams, transforming business requirements into production-ready software, assuring competitive advantage for our customers. State-of-the-art and ISO certified development operation processes and best-in-class tools for the entire application lifecycle guarantee high quality. For ambitious software professionals, this makes us the perfect place to work. It’s great to be part of the utilities digital transformation.'

Kathy Shaffer

Smart Markets Lead—North America
‘With my team, I’m responsible for developing and implementing innovative solutions for our clients in North America using smart grid data—anything from meter data management solutions, customer engagement web portals, demand response management solutions, and other smart grid applications. It’s great to see how we’re combining multiple applications and systems to solve client challenges in new ways and I really enjoy the collaboration I see at OMNETRIC, the way everyone works together to arrive at the best possible solution.’

Franz Winterauer

Energy Insight Lead—EMEA
‘I lead OMNETRIC's Energy Insight business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa—crunching different sources of utility data, addressing wind power forecasts, asset reliability, consumer behavior and more. I enjoy working with utilities in a collaborative and interactive way—be it in joint R&D projects or in large implementation programs—to discover the hidden value in their data. I’m convinced, and I‘m sure my team will confirm, that for the next ten years at least, being a statistician is THE cool job to have, we are truly changing the way things work!’

Tom van Boxstael

Smart Grid Integration & Security Lead—EMEA
'I lead OMNETRIC's Smart Grid Integration & Security business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We operate at the intersection of business and IT/OT technology—an exciting place to be as grids become more intelligent and digital transformation takes off. My team of experts work with our customers to develop architectures and concepts that help integrate information and operations technology, delivering future-proof ideas and innovative solutions.'
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