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Meet our experts

Meet some of the experts from across our network

Our Experts

Kathy Shaffer
Smart Markets Lead – Americas, Foster City, USA

‘With my team, I’m responsible for developing and implementing innovative solutions for our clients in North America using smart grid data – anything from meter data management solutions, customer engagement web portals, demand response management solutions, and other smart grid applications. It’s great to see how we’re combining multiple applications and systems to solve client challenges in new ways and I really enjoy the collaboration I see at OMNETRIC Group – the way everyone works together to arrive at the best possible solution.’

Mayur Rao
Smart Grid Integration & Security Lead – Americas, Foster City, USA

‘At OMNETRIC Group we use data intelligence to improve our customers’ grid and business performance. Integration of all the underlying systems is essential. That’s why with my team, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation by understanding technology trends, leveraging collaborative partnerships, and developing best practices for repeatable processes and solutions.’

Franz Winterauer
Energy Insight Lead – EMEA, Vienna, Austria

‘I lead OMNETRIC Group’s Energy Insight business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa – crunching different sources of utility data, addressing wind power forecasts, asset reliability, consumer behavior and more. I enjoy working with utilities in a collaborative and interactive way – be it in joint R&D projects or in large implementation programs - to discover the hidden value in their data. I’m convinced, and I ‘m sure my team will confirm, that for the next ten years at least, being a statistician is THE cool job to have – we are truly changing the way things work.!’

Edward Benning
Smart Grid Integration & Security Lead – EMEA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

‘The utility industry is part of our key infrastructure, so it’s great to be part of an organization that I honestly believe can make a difference to how utilities meet the challenges they are going to be faced with in the coming decade. I think our advantage lies in bringing together the strengths of Accenture and Siemens and combining them with a can-do, collaborative working style, where everyone pulls together to bring the best technology, products, services and know-how for the best possible solution.’

Pim Spierenburg
VP Smart Markets EMEA

I lead OMNETRIC Group’s Smart Markets business. Like everyone at OMNETRIC Group, my mission is to generate value for our customers by helping them to ride the wave of the energy transition.With my team, I focus mostly on the implementation of Siemens’ smart grid integration platform, EnergyIP.  We’re the largest group of EnergyIP certified solution architects and solution engineers in the world, so we get to work at the cutting edge of new developments on a broad range of projects, ranging from traditional meter data management applications to virtual power plants and datahubs.

Sachin Gupta
Sales Director, North America

I am part of the sales team at OMNETRIC Group and one of the product experts for SiemensEnergyIP. I work with our solution architects to develop solutions that integrate energy operations with IT to support business goals. The utility industry is an exciting place to be. Developments in the distribution network and infrastructure, the penetration of distributed energy resources and the availability of data mean that we are transforming as an industry. Our approach is outcome-led, rather than product-led, backed-up by the expertise to deliver big and small, as well as highly industrialized or custom solutions.