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Our leadership

Daniel Rui Felicio

'As CEO of OMNETRIC, my role is to orchestrate the diverse skills of our experts with Siemens’ domain expertise and technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers’ challenges. My international experience spans R&D, product and system sales, turnkey project management, consulting, software and services.

I am delighted to bring this experience to lead OMNETRIC, and to be at the helm of a team dedicated to helping our customers to realize the enormous potential of their IoT data to drive transformation and growth.' 

Daniel Kohlert

'I’m CFO at OMNETRIC and work to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to how we generate value for our customers. Working together with my team, we lend a ‘hands-on’ approach to driving the company’s success in the market. I bring experience from a range of sectors, previously healthcare, which gives me perspectives on how other industries are managing digital transformation, a major disruptor in the energy sector today.'

John Toubassi

'I’m Chief Operating Officer (COO), based out of Houston, Texas. My role is to ensure that our teams bring innovation and delivery excellence to the smart grid solutions we develop and deploy, worldwide. I bring consulting and utility experience and strive for the best outcomes for our customers while running a company that nurtures its people and supports its shareholders.'

Jim Fisher
Global Head of Sales

‘As Global Head of Sales for OMNETRIC, my role is to build sustainable, profitable, growth in our top line through our various sales channels.  Together with our colleagues in other parts of the business, my sales team are well positioned not only for expansion into new IoT markets, but also for continued growth in our traditional areas of business.’

Suzanne Nietzold
Global Head of Human Resources

'As Global Head of Human Resources, I bring a creative, inclusive and focused approach to designing a positive employee experience. In the fast pace environment we work in, we, as a team, are always exploring new ways to optimize people topics and create a cohesive culture while recognizing the individual talent of our people.'