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Our leadership

Craig Cavanaugh
CEO—North America

'I lead the team in North America. What I like most about this job is the diversity and dynamism of the market we work in and the fact that we are agile enough to respond in innovative ways that are helping to shape the future of the energy industry. A more interactive and dispersed grid is challenging current business models and opening new doors. Our job is to put the right people and the right technology together to deliver solutions that not only surpass expectations but also push the boundaries of the possible.'

Pim Spierenburg

'As CEO EMEA of OMNETRIC, I lead a growing team of experts that is designing and delivering solutions to foster further digitalization of utilities. The ongoing energy transition combined with the deregulated utility market in EMEA, provides a challenging workspace in which we thrive. I'm proud to be leading a team of such creative minds, finding new solutions from meter data management implementations, to the integration of distribution management systems and the development virtual power plants.'

John Toubassi

'I’m Chief Operating Officer (COO), based out of Houston, Texas. My role is to ensure that our teams bring innovation and delivery excellence to the smart grid solutions we develop and deploy, worldwide. I bring consulting and utility experience and strive for the best outcomes for our customers while running a company that nurtures its people and supports its shareholders.'

Daniel Kohlert

'I’m CFO at OMNETRIC and work to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to how we generate value for our customers. Working together with my team, we lend a ‘hands-on’ approach to driving the company’s success in the market. I bring experience from a range of sectors, previously healthcare, which gives me perspectives on how other industries are managing digital transformation, a major disruptor in the energy sector today.'