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Expanding smart meter roll out

The value follow-up of your smart metering

Expanding smart meter roll out

The value follow-up of your smart metering

Expand smart meter roll out & start the digitalization journey

After having the first-generation Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS) in place, utilities are now being confronted with an unregulated world, consisting of beyond the meter data and open data initiatives.
OMNETRIC provides solutions for energy providers in order to start laying the focus on a fully integrated platform with connectivity and data beyond the meters.



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Multi-tenant data platform based on Smart Meter integration

Siemens and OMNETRIC unlock the digital future of a Swiss energy leader
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Meter Data Management

Siemens and OMNETRIC help to automate smart meter data management business processes
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The E-Cloud Project

OMNETRIC has been tasked with the development of an app to visualize energy consumption and local production for ORES, the biggest distribution grid operator of gas and electricity in Wallonia, Belgium. 
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