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What we do

OMNETRIC delivers technology solutions that improve energy providers’ performance by integrating their energy operations with IT to support their business goals. Improved integration helps our customers discover and exploit data intelligence to capitalize on industry change.

We bring:

  • Technology solutions that integrate operations and information to make data available where it is needed
  • Deep industry expertise to successfully deliver complex, bespoke projects at the forefront of industry transformation
  • Flexibility and customer-centricity
  • Unique combinations of software elements from ecosystem partners to create innovative solutions to meet industry needs

Our approach

  • Advocate and design change
  • Apply engineering and IT know-how
  • Develop an open, stable foundation from which energy providers can innovate
  • Push the boundaries of what’s technologically possible
  • Extract the value of data
  • Collaborate in the energy ecosystem to deliver innovation

Learn more about the work we do with our customers in our newsroom.